Endless Summer



Let me just say how lucky I am to live in such a ┬ábeautiful, quiet, yet very lively part of Florida. Can anyone say Endless Summer? Not only is that one of my favorite movies (shout out to Robert August, I would love to own one of your boards), but it is very true for the vast majority of this state. While others are shoveling snow half the year, we are sweeping sand off of our porches (I love on the east coast of Florida on the beach). The same is not true for everyone in the state. I don’t recommend living in Florida if you are not on the coast. The summer does get mildly unbearable, and you may or may not die from an incurable disease contracted from a single mosquito, but all in all, it’s not so bad. Fresh seafood, history, and all of the finest UVA/UVB rays you can ask for. People are flocking down here, that’s for sure.

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